An R+F Skin Update: 4 Weeks In

Hi everyone! I’m officially ready to show and talk about my Rodan + Fields product experience so far. Like it always goes with a personal change, I felt and saw a difference in my skin before everyone else started noticing. But after a solid four weeks using my R+F products, people are starting to comment, AND I see a difference in my weekly pictures I’m taking. It’s such a great feeling!

To give you some history, I’ve always struggled with my skin, mostly acne and texture issues. You can see my full skin story here. I went through a period of time in my 20s when my skin was doing pretty well, but it recently blew up again. So, when I decided to jump in head first with R+F, I started with the Unblemish line and recently added the Reverse regimen. I use Unblemish in the morning and Reverse in the evening—but at this rate, I probably won’t need the Unblemish in just a few short months.

Day 1

Eek. This picture is embarrassing–I don’t think I have ever put something on social media without me wearing makeup. This is me when I first started my regimen. Though I don’t have awful acne, you can see the bumps/texture on my skin, especially on my right cheek. I’ve always had more issues on my right side than my left. Why?? Does anyone else have this? Maybe it’s because I sleep on that side more?

This is me a couple weeks in. The product brought a few more breakouts to the surface.

Week 2

And this (below) is me four weeks into my regimens. Please excuse the messy hair and makeup under my eyes. Though I still have some redness and a few marks, the marks have faded and I have ZERO texture right now—yay!

4 weeks

They say give it 6-8 weeks to really see a difference, but I already see one! It may not look like a huge difference in these pictures, but I definitely feel and notice a difference. I knew it was really working when a coworker of mine commented on how nice my skin looks and wanted to give the products a try. These are no joke, and I seriously can’t remember the last time someone said I have nice skin. That made my day!

Stay tuned for an 8 week check-in! And if you ever have any questions about these products, message me!


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