An Update

To say a lot has changed in a year is an understatement. Besides the obvious (we moved into our first home, got married and went on an amazing honeymoon), life is very different today than it was a year ago … in a good way!

Best. Day. Ever.

Because we’re coming up on our one year anniversary, I asked Nick the other day to describe year one of marriage in one word. He said “crazy,” and then he said “learning.” That’s technically two words, but I think “crazy learning” sums it up best. I never thought marriage would be much different than being in a serious relationship or being engaged—but it is. There’s a certain seriousness that comes with committing to one another forever before family and friends (and God) that is both scary and deeply rewarding. For us it was life changing!

Our first year has thrown a lot our way. I had an unexpected surgery. My family went through a hard time. Nick lost his last living grandparent. To sum it up, it hasn’t been all roses. And I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have a few rough patches through it all. But we’re closer now than ever before and have an unshakable understanding of one another and what we want out of our lives together. And in just two months, we can take that tightly Saran-wrapped cake out of the freezer and dig in!

OK, enough deep talk. Let’s end on a light/fun note! I saw this blog survey a while back on one of my favorite blogs and thought it would be a fun one to take. If you’d like, share your answers in the comments below!

Household chore I actually enjoy: Laundry. It’s oddly enjoyable to me. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s so methodical, but there’s something rewarding and meditative about washing, drying, folding and putting everything away.

Biggest house disaster: Eek. I don’t even want to say for fear something else will happen! It’s just been a year in our house (though it is more than 30 years old), but we did have our water heater konk out on us after one of the sweatiest workouts I’ve ever done. It wasn’t pretty.

Before company arrives, I hide: Stacks of paper. I can’t stand clutter on countertops.

Most recent music download: I haven’t downloaded music in years, but lately I’m obsessed with Beyonce Radio on Pandora.

The last thing I bought online: Our wedding album from Shutterfly (yes, it took me 10 months to design).

I hate to shop for: Jeans. It’s so hard finding just the right pair. Anything else but jeans.

Favorite family ritual: Making and eating dinner together.

I sleep in: A T-shirt and pajama pants.

I have a style crush on: Kate Middleton. Duh.

I’m currently reading: The Power of Now.

What’s up with the ___ trend? Long pointed nails? Ew.

How did I ever live without: Makeup primer? Life changing (like marriage).

More updates are coming, including an introduction of our new family member. Stay tuned! Hint? He has four legs and is really cute…

Meet Opie. Full story coming in my next blog post.

Until then, enjoy the holiday weekend!



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