Let’s Just Start Looking…

Happy Saturday! How is it mid-March?! We’re now exactly 11 weeks away from our big day and boy, have we been keeping busy! Well, for starters, I’ve run 50 miles toward my 200-miles-in-four-months goal. I may not be right on track to meet that goal (it’s kind of a crazy one, I know), but I’m still proud of myself, considering how much we have going on.  We’ve also finalized our registry, had our first meeting with the minister, printed our invites, sent out shower invites, purchased our bridal party gifts … the list goes on. Oh, and we’ve done one other thing…

We found a house, put in an offer and they accepted! We’re in the process of closing on our first home, and we move in two weeks.

To back up a bit, about a month ago, Nick and I started talking about how we should begin the process of buying a home—meet with a lender, discuss our options, build our “must-have” list, etc.—if we wanted to be able to find something before our lease was up at the end of July. Well, we did a little more than start the process—we found a realtor we love, walked into the third house she wanted to show us and just knew it. We had found our home.

Everything is happening very quickly, but at this rate, we’re going to be in and settled well before the wedding festivities begin, and we couldn’t be happier!

So there’s much more to come on that, but I’m going to wait until we close, move in and can truly call it ours before I gush too much. But let’s just say, it’s perfect—to us—and we talk every day about how excited we are that it’s going to be ours to build a life in. Fair warning: There may be some home improvement posts in this blog’s future.

But before that happens, we have lots to do, both for the house and the wedding. All I can say is that to-do lists, Post-It notes and my planner are what’s allowing me to know which end is up, where I need to be and what I need to do next. I’m walking a fine line between doing everything well and becoming a hot mess. Here’s hoping we can keep all the balls in the air.

I’d be telling a bold-face lie if I said these huge life happenings squished into a three-month period weren’t paired with some major stress and maybe a few tears. But I seriously have to pinch myself, learn to let go a little bit of control and remind myself how blessed we are to have all these great things happening at once. So until we’re all moved in, this is my mantra:


Next post will be about how I’ve managed running the majority of my 50 miles on a treadmill because of this crazy winter. ’Til then, you can find me under a pile of bubble wrap, packing tape … and champagne.


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