An Overwhelmingly Wonderful (and Overwhelming) Time

It’s been a little over nine months since Nick asked me to marry him. Nine. In a way it feels like it’s been the simple blink of an eye, and in other ways I feel like we’ve been engaged forever. Like it’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t planning our wedding, living together and dreaming up our future.

And what’s crazier to think about is that we have a mere four months until our big day. After how quickly these past nine flew by, I’m afraid I’m going to turn around too fast and it’s going to be time to walk down the aisle.

I don’t want this special time to end. Being engaged has been truly blissful. Sure, it hasn’t been ALL roses and love songs, but planning our wedding has brought along some of the most fun experiences I’ve had. And although I know that married life will be even sweeter, I want to soak up every bit of these next few months and bask in the anticipation that the day will bring.

My guy
My guy

It’s truly a time in my life I’ll never get back. But when it’s over…

…Every time I’ll think back to Nick proposing, I’ll swoon. I’ll simply never forget the look on his face when he asked me. It was a combination of pure excitement mixed with a little fear. And then sheer joy when I said (screamed?) yes.

…I’ll think back to my mom’s voice and how excited she was when I called to tell her he asked (even though she knew it was coming). And how she bought me my first 15 bridal magazines and went page-by-page through them, helping me dream up every detail.

You can never read too many bridal magazines during your engagement
You can never read too many bridal magazines during your engagement

…I’ll always remember putting on MY wedding dress for the first time. The first one I tried on. Walking out of the dressing room and feeling so feminine, so bridal, so excited for Nick to see me in it.

…I’ll think about the delicious process of choosing just the right three tiers of cake we will serve our guests (and the layer we’ll freeze to eat for our first year anniversary). Taste testing the peanut butter mouse, red velvet, raspberries and cream … it was divine.

…I’ll never forget picking out the song that will be ours forever. Thinking about being led around the dance floor in my dreamy dress and freezing that moment in my mind forever and ever.

…Our families will look back on this time with us and think about what a damn good time we had together. Planning the food. Picking the invites. Sampling wines. Laughing. Crying. Spending our first Thanksgiving with our families united. The time that truly merged us into a whole new entity.

These past nine months have also brought on a fair share of challenges. Learning to live together and accept each other’s everyday habits. Merging finances and figuring out a savings plan that works for the both of us. Having demanding jobs that at times left us with just enough time at night to eat dinner and kiss each other goodnight. Figuring out our individual and collective life goals—and how we were going to make them happen.

I feel like an entirely different girl today than I was this time last year. It’s been an emotional, wonderful whirlwind that has made me grow up in many different ways.

So how am I feeling now? I’m excited, nervous and ready. So ready.

Side note: Although I plan to talk about my health journey to the altar as well (my next post will be about my fitness goals I’d like to hit by the big day), this blog is going to look a bit different for the next 120 days. But this is my life right now! I hope you enjoy taking this trip with me.

Until next time!