Another Year Older

This past Thursday was my birthday, and I said goodbye to 27 and welcomed 28 with open arms. My 27th year was a great one, but I have a feeling 28 will top it.

Hello, fall
Hello, fall

I love my birthday for many obvious reasons (hello cake, champagne and presents!), but one reason is because my birthday is at the same time of year when the seasons are changing. It may not be fall officially, but the trees are starting to turn colors, the nights are getting a bit breezy and I can’t help but dream of boots and scarves (my favorite fall accessories). It really feels like a time of reflection and renewal.

With all sorts of changes happening in this next year for me, my friends and my family, I’m going to do my best to enjoy the ride and the unexpected twists and turns. But you know me–I have to have some sort of organization to my life. So for my birthday, I ordered myself this little beauty…


Here are 8 things I’m looking forward to in my 28th year:

  1. Running in the Akron relay with my coworkers. 5.5 miles, here I come!
  2. Kicking off fall with my best friend’s birthday celebration and seeing friends get married.
  3. Visiting my sister in Chicago for a long weekend full of site-seeing, shopping and rugby (guess which part Nick’s looking forward to most)!
  4. Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home.
  5. Continuing to commit to my workouts and get that bikini body ready for the big day.
  6. A wonderful shower with family and friends.
  7. A bomb-ass bachelorette party with all my best girlfriends in Chicago.
  8. Our wedding! And tropical honeymoon (still in the works, but it’s looking like Jamaica!).

With that, I’m off to a business trip in the fabulous Las Vegas! Have a great week, friends!

What are you looking forward to this fall?