What I’ve Been Up To (Since April)

Hello, my long lost friends!  I owe you a big apology. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written in this blog for almost FOUR months. That’s insane. And it completely goes against one of my New Year’s resolutions to keep this blog up to date. But the good news? I’ve been busy, busy, busy and checked every one of my springtime plans off my list. Including something that seemed like just a daydream last time I blogged…

In Tremont, where we had our first date
In Tremont, where we had our first date

…We got engaged!

On April 17, Nick asked me to marry him—and I couldn’t say yes fast enough! I was completely shocked, and not only am I in love with the ring he picked out for me, but I can’t wait to be his wife. Nick challenges me to be a better person, loves me for all my flaws and has been by my side through the ups and downs life has thrown at us. I can’t imagine sharing my life with anyone more wonderful.

Although I won’t bore you by turning this into a full on wedding planning blog, I will try to share with you some details as we plan the big day (which is late next spring!).

But enough about that! Here are some highlights on what’s been keeping me busy these past few months.

  • Running the Cleveland 10 Miler. Yes, we ran it! It was a cold windy day at the end of April, but my running buddy and I pushed through and ended up getting close to our time we did two years prior. And despite my recent move, we’ve dedicated ourselves to running together about once a week—it makes my heart happy.
  • Fun wedding planning. A week after we got engaged, we selected our venue and set our date. About a month later, I found my dress and my bridesmaids’ dresses. One of my favorite daydreams is imagining Nick’s reaction when he sees me on our big day—I may be biased, but my dress is dreamy!
  • Moving. At the end of June, we made the trek to the burbs, and I have to say, we don’t hate it. Living together, although it was a bit of an adjustment, is really, really fun. I love waking up together every morning. I also love having central air and a dishwasher for the first time in three years.
  • Drinking beer at the Tremont Ale Fest. If you didn’t go this year, put this on your to-do list for next summer—most fun festival I’ve been to in a long time! My favorites? A beer that was mixed with fresh grapefruit juice and a beer that tastes like a chocolate milkshake.
  • Taking my future niece to the zoo. Nick and I spent a fun-filled Sunday with his niece at the ClevelandMetroparks Zoo and had a blast. Seeing all the animals through a 3-year-old’s eyes is truly magical. We’re already planning our next outing. Any suggestions?

    Meerkat silliness
    Meerkat silliness

Phew! I think those are the highlights. I promise I’m back for good this time—except for the wedding and honeymoon next year. 😉 Have a great Wednesday!

What’s been your favorite summer activity so far?