My Top 5 CLE Spots & Week 4 Check-In

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy week so far, and it’s only halfway through! Above all, I’m so happy that the sun was shining yesterday. Even though it was quite chilly in the evening, I got out for a 3-miler, and it was so worth it! I saw my turkey neighbor again, but she kept her distance and all was good. Maybe we’ve come to a mutual understanding: You leave me alone, I don’t scream so loud your ears ring for days.

Last week’s training was a little bit lighter. I did an hour of yoga on Monday and Thursday, followed by a 2-miler Saturday. This weekend, we’re stepping it up with a 5-miler, and I’m so excited. We’re halfway through the training schedule!

That said, has everyone visited  I may be behind the curve, but I recently stumbled upon it and was so inspired. I love my city, and it’s great to see a website that is dedicated to our great home. A local blogger posted her five favorite places in Cleveland, so it got me thinking about my top five. Here goes nothing! In no particular order…

  1. Jacob’s Field. I don’t care if it’s now technically Progressive Field, it’s still “The Jake” to me. I have nothing but fun memories there, and let’s be honest: dollar hot dogs, ice cold beer and baking in the sun watching the Indians is a combo that can’t be beat. Sigh. I can’t wait for summer.

    The hottest Indians game EVER (July 4, 2012)
    The hottest Indians game EVER (July 4, 2012)
  2. Lakewood Park. Living so close to this Cleveland gem is truly a blessing. The park is beautiful, and the views of downtown and the lake are breathtaking—especially in the winter. Some of my favorite nights include strolls through the park watching the sunset.
  3. East 4th Street. Every time I go to East 4th, I’m reminded how cool this city is. Great restaurants, a comedy club and wine on tap (hellloooo, Greenhouse Tavern). I’m always guaranteed a fun night and a good crowd.
  4. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Ever year since I was little, my family would go to the zoo. I never realized how great the Cleveland zoo was until I visited others—we have one of the best! My little tip: Go on a day that’s not a scorcher. Your nose will thank you.
  5. Tartine. This little wine bar/restaurant is one of my favorite romantic spots. I have very sweet memories there, and how can you not? The lighting is dim, the patio has cute little lights and flowers all over. Not many know about this place, but you can always count on wonderful house wine and food.

Ta-ta for now! Have a great week.

What are your top five spots in Cleveland? 


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