Rock Climbing at Red Rock

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fun, lovely Valentine’s weekend. ♡ Let’s start this week on the right foot, or rock, now shall we?

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon

One of my favorite parts of my Las Vegas vacation was, well, leaving Las Vegas. One day, we six crazy girls rented a minivan and drove west in search of some fresh air and beautiful mountain ranges. Thanks to a knowledgeable friend, we easily found Red Rock Canyon and spent the afternoon hiking the beautiful paths.

Let me preface this with the fact that, although I sometimes want to be, I’m not really an outdoorsy girl. Sure, I love running outside, living by the lake and having an occasional cocktail on a patio, but that’s really the extent of it. You’ll never hear me beg someone to go camping or rock climbing or swimming in the lake. But I do love experiencing new places, and I do enjoy (light, easy) hiking, so after 24 hours in a smoky casino, I was game.

Red Rock was unlike anything you’d see in Cleveland. Being in the middle of the desert, we were surrounded by cactus, dirt, red clay and … donkeys. Yep, donkeys. The trail was a combination of hiking and rock climbing, so after an hour or so, I was pretty tired. But when we reached our stopping point (and I gained the courage to let go of the rock with my death grip and look around), I was speechless.

Maybe I'm hungry, but the rocks look like bacon
Maybe I’m hungry, but the rocks look like bacon

Anytime I visit somewhere new and see natural beauties, like the mountain ranges in Nevada, I’m reminded of how small I am, how much there is to see, and how lucky I am to be able to see it.

And, the next day, I was SORE. I think it was a combination of working some muscles I haven’t in a while and also clinging on for dear life. It’s always nice to workout outside in nature rather than in a sweaty, germy gym. It was there that I vowed to myself to take advantage of our beautiful city and hiking trails way more often than I do.

After an hour of taking it in, snapping some pictures and very carefully making our way back down (I learned how to crab crawl really well), we hopped back in the van and continued our debauchery-filled weekend.

The ladies take Vegas
The ladies take Vegas

I can’t wait for this weather to break so I can take another fresh-air-filled hike. Spring is so close, I can smell it (or are my nostrils just frozen?). Until then, I’ll be a slave to the gym and yoga studios. Stay strong, everyone!

What’s your favorite outdoor workout?


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