Why This Weather is Really Kind of Great

So … it’s cold out. Like, really cold. Did you know that?

Source: someecards.com
Source: someecards.com

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen almost every one of my Facebook, twitter and Instagram friends say something about these temps. It’s been a topic of conversation at every meeting and party. It’s breaking news every morning—I’m sure Al Roker is loving it. And all the while, I’ve stayed silent. Until now.

I’m bucking the trend and putting together a list of reasons why this weather rocks. Partly because I’m sick of hearing about it and partly because I’m listening to The Power audiobook (more on that later) and want to stay positive. Let me preface this list with saying that I’m aware this extreme weather is extremely inconvenient, has created dangerous situations and put many people out. I’m not trying to be insensitive to that, but rather poke fun at the majority of us who, even though we were born and raised in Cleveland, can’t seem to handle the subzero situation at hand.

Without further ado, here are some positives about our zero-degree city:

  • We don’t have to worry about our groceries going bad in our cars. In fact, the outside temperature is colder than our freezers. So buy all the yogurt, eggs and produce you want, and go run some errands/go to the gym!
  • These frigid winds are a very good reason to cuddle up to someone (two-legged or four-legged). Valentine’s Day is right around the corner—show some love!
  • It’s a great excuse to sit on your couch wrapped in a blanket (maybe a cookie in hand) and read or catch up on your DVR. Recently, I’ve finished two books and watched The Real Housewives about 25 times. Don’t judge.
  • The cold weather is a great excuse in general—it can get you out of after-work commitments and other annoying obligations. The best part? No one really questions you.
  • It’s a reason to get to house chores. In the past two weeks, I’ve cleaned and organized my apartment more than I have in the past six months. My car’s a hot mess, but my clothes? Color coordinated!
  • The weather saves money. Cancel a few plans and watch your bank account prosper…
  • …Unless you turn to online shopping like me. Then, I don’t know what to say.
  • And finally, it’s going to make this coming spring and summer that much sweeter. 🙂

Alright everyone, stay warm!

Have you found any benefits to this weather?!


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