My Thoughts on Hot Yoga

Happy Halloween! I hope you have some fun plans tonight. I’m passing out candy at my mom’s and seeing all the neighborhood kids I used to babysit dress up. It’ll be fun, but it always makes me feel old!

This past Sunday, I went to a donations-only event put on by Cleveland Yoga that benefited Girls with Sole, an organization that benefits young girls who are in need of some love—and supports them through teaching the benefits of exercise, specifically running, and how it can help strengthen them physically and mentally to meet their personal goals. Pretty cool, huh?


The event started with a three-mile run through Lakeview Cemetery and ended with a 75-minute HOT yoga session at the Cleveland Yoga studio. The run was awesome, but boy, was I not expecting the hot yoga—I have only done one other Bikram class years ago, and there’s a reason I haven’t done one since.

I know some people swear by it, but I personally find myself focusing on not passing out from the heat and humidity rather than getting a good workout in. I find myself going into child’s pose, grabbing my water bottle and trying to not see stars every time I go from down dog to warrior II. And trying not to think about how I’m in a 100-degree room with 50 other sweaty, nasty people and wondering if it is possible to hold my breath for an hour so I don’t have to breathe the same air.

And then it happened. I woke up the next morning with a bad cold. Now, I’m sure it has no connection to my hot yoga session and more of a correlation to me being around sick people lately and getting no sleep, but I can’t help but vow never to go again.

I love yoga and besides running, it’s my most favorite form of exercise. It relaxes me, helps clear my mind and leaves my muscles feeling sore every time (can you say sculpted arms?). But I prefer the room to be warm, not comparable to Florida air in August, and there to be at least two feet between my mat and my neighbor’s mat. You catch my drift? Plus, this article claims there are no added benefits to sweating your butt off versus a traditional yoga class. So why put myself through the torture?

How do you feel about hot yoga?

Side note: What are you dressing up as for Halloween? I didn’t wear a costume this year, and Timmy doesn’t have any plans, but if he did, I think he’d make a pretty cute bat cat like the one below. Don’t you agree?




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