Thankful: Halloween Edition

Guys, this past week kind of sucked. Excuse my language, but between my loud neighbors keeping me awake, locking myself out of my apartment one morning and missing a meeting, and burning my hand on a 400-degree pan, things were not exactly going my way. But as the week winded down, and Friday night went on, I was sitting on my couch with a pack of ice on my hand (burns are no joke) eating pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins we carved and thinking about how lucky I am.

We’re all blessed, and my wise mother always reminds me to count my blessings when I’m having a rough day/week/month. This fall has been one of the best yet, and I have my amazing family and friends to thank for that. No matter what’s going on in our lives, we can always find the sun shining through. I think the Thanksgiving spirit is arriving early for me, so I decided to share.


This Halloween, I’m thankful that I can:

Carve pumpkins with the guy I love most. He not only puts up with me daily, but he spends his Friday night carving pumpkins, he brings all the supplies and takes out the garbage when we’re done. I’m not one to brag, but look at those skills!

A nosy pumpkin and a witch
A nosy pumpkin and a witch

Make yummy food for my family and friends. Not everyone has the money to buy quality food to cook healthful meals. Between the spaghetti squash—that I owe my swollen hand to—my homemade pumpkin muffins for my company’s Fall Fest next week and my amazingly spicy white chicken chili, I’m on a roll!

Spend time doing fun activities with my friends. This week, I’m hosting my very first Pinterest party and am making a holiday wreath. I’m no Martha Stewart, but if some of the bozos on Pinterest can craft, well then so can I!

Run my little heart out. This morning, I’m doing a 3-mile run and 75-minute yoga session on Cleveland’s east side. I’m hoping for no rain, but either way, I’m thankful I have my health to do this and can see some of Cleveland by foot with my running partner. I’ll post a recap later this week!

Spend quality time with my mom. Not only is she one of my favorite people, she’s just fun. We spent some of last weekend together and laughed harder than I have in a while. I love every minute I can spend with her, and she’s a true testament to how a baby shower, a Target run and a TGI Friday’s dinner is the equation for the best Sunday ever.

Me and my beautiful mom
Me and my beautiful mom

What are you thankful for?


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