I Run Because…

Hey guys! Hope your week is going well—we’re halfway there!

Last night was my first official run since the half marathon a couple weeks ago, and it felt so good. All I needed was some time off to make me miss my nightly jogs and go back to my fitness staple.

I run for a lot of reasons, and the number one motive is because for me, it’s an easy way for me to stay fit and not feel guilty when I give in to a cookie or a cheeseburger every once in a while. You also don’t need a lot of fancy equipment, or even a gym membership, to get in a good run. All you need is a road, some beautiful scenery and your thoughts.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m reminded weekly why I run and sometimes even find new reasons why I love it so much. And this week, the main reason I found my run so therapeutic was because it’s a guaranteed stress reliever.

Allow me to get right to the point: Folks, I’m dealing with some noisy neighbors. Nocturnal noisy neighbors.

A few months ago, some new people moved in above me, and since then, it’s been on-and-off utter chaos. I’m not sure if they’re professional river dancers or enjoy wearing lead boots in the middle of the night—the verdict is still out. But my 2 ½ peaceful years in my cozy apartment have been shattered. Destroyed. My home is a mere ghost of my warm, quiet nights snoozing away without a care in the world.

OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but let’s just say I’m at my wits ends. Being stressed out is bad enough let alone being stressed out with no sleep. So last night, instead of sitting on my couch stewing about the pandemonium above my head, I went for a run. I talked all about my neighborly woes with my running buddy and I ran.

I may not have solved my life’s problems, but I’m feeling a little better. Let’s just say, I’ve taken a step back off the ledge. I also called my landlord and upped my daily coffee intake from one cups to two.

And that’s why I run. Because no matter how bad my day or my outlook, it’s always a bit brighter after breaking a sweat. Who needs therapy when you have a cool fall evening and a trail…

Source: POPSUGAR Fitness
Source: POPSUGAR Fitness

…Actually, I may need therapy if the noise and no sleep continues. Stay tuned.

Why do you run?


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