Pure Barre Review: A New Respect for Ballerinas

Let me first say that when I was little, I failed miserably at ballet class. All the screaming and crying and “Where’s my mommy?!” wails aside, I was clearly not a natural. So when I signed up for this Pure Barre class, I was hoping what little coordination I had, along with my runner’s endurance, would kick in so I could coast through the 55 minutes…

Pure Barre Westlake. Looks innocent enough, huh?
Pure Barre Westlake. Looks innocent enough, huh?

…I admit that sometimes runners can have a false sense of confidence, and it’s nice to get a hard slap of reality.

Pure Barre is not for the weak of heart. And before considering this form of exercise that focuses on isometric (ie slow, painful) movements, you need to be sure you’re comfortable with the following:

  • Looking slightly foolish in front of a group of strangers and not being afraid to scare them with some interesting facial expressions
  • Listening to techno music while you (attempt to) move like a ballerina
  • Making small, controlled movements—this was harder than I thought it was going to be
  • Moving in a way that looks like you’re, um, thrusting into the air (I found no direct eye contact during these portions of the class helped)

All kidding aside, this workout rocked my world. I left with legs, arms and abs that felt like jelly, and after talking to one of my friends who has done it for about six months, I wasn’t surprised to hear you quickly see results if you stick to it. It’s the perfect supplement to the cardio I do through running.

Fun socks with sticky bottoms so you don't slide during your workout
Fun socks with sticky bottoms so you don’t slide during your workout

Because of the high price, I plan on holding out until I find a Groupon to buy a full package—plus, there is one opening close to my home in December! However, I plan on taking some of the movements and immediately incorporating them into my strength training.

Until my local studio opens, you can find me searching for cute tutus and practicing my plies.

What new workouts have you tried recently?


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