Fall Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I’m so excited I decided to restart this blog during my favorite season of all—fall! I know, I know. Fall is totally overdone. But I don’t care. There’s something strangely magical about the lush, green trees of summer transforming to colorful, crunchy leaves beneath my boots. I’m planning to have a really fall-themed weekend, complete with pumpkin picking, so I thought I’d kick it off with some of my favorites as of late.

This fall, I’m obsessed with:

My polka dot sweater from Stitch Fix.

Sweater by Willow & Clay
Sweater by Willow & Clay

I just got my first “fix” from Stitch Fix, and although some pieces were a bit off the mark for me (I think you need to do a couple fixes for the stylists to get a feel for your personal preferences), I fell in love with this red and black polka dot sweater by Willow and Clay. It feels luxurious, can be dressed up or down and just fits me right. If you need some pieces to add to your fall wardrobe and don’t want them to be the same as everyone’s in your office, give Stitch Fix a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.

My Under Armour running capris.

One of the many reasons I love fall is for its crisp nights—they are perfect for an after work run. However, it’s sometimes difficult to dress for an October jog, because you don’t want to freeze in shorts, but you don’t want to overheat. These Under Armour capris were one of my favorite birthday gifts (similar pair here). They’re the perfect weight for a cool evening run and don’t budge during my workout. They come in some fun accent colors, so you can add a splash of color to your gear.

Any wine from Three Brothers Winery.

Vineyards on Lake Seneca, Geneva, NY
Vineyards on Lake Seneca, Geneva, NY

I’m just getting off a wine country high from a trip I took at the end of September to the Finger Lakes. We visited so many amazing wineries, but my personal favorite was Three Brothers. Not only did we get to taste countless wines and brews, the fun and laid-back atmosphere (see the Pirate winery for visuals) fit my personality. And now we have quite a few bottles to enjoy during holiday celebrations. Fall is the perfect time to share a great bottle of wine with friends or family around a fire. To me, it doesn’t matter how expensive the wine, it just matters who’s drinking it with you.

Hope in a Jar.

Source: qvc.com
Source: qvc.com

I don’t care what is in this night cream. The way it makes my skin feel can’t be matched by anything I’ve ever used before. As a girl who’s had her fair share of skin issues, I have a hard time finding a cream that moisturizes without making me oily. I use the night cream which is a bit heavier, but in the morning, my face and neck are as smooth as ever.

My black cat.


No fall is complete without my Timmy. He’s furry, he’s lovable, he’s my Halloween kitty all year long. Black cats get a bad rap, and I’m here to say differently. You’ve got luck on your side when you love a black cat. When I got Timmy, I didn’t set out to adopt a black cat, but we bonded the minute we met. He moved in with me the year I got my first post-college apartment, and we’ve been roommates ever since.

Happy Autumn!


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