Tomorrow, I officially start training for my second half marathon.

First half marathon - Columbus, October 2010

Tomorrow starts the madness. The sore calves. The constant hunger and thirst. The one-beer-and-I’m-tipsy Friday nights, followed by early morning Saturday morning regrets. The I-can-never-get-enough-sleep, drag-myself-out-of-bed work weeks. The constant thinking ahead to the weather, what I should eat, what I need to wear and when I need to go to sleep to make this process easier on me and my body (and my poor mother who hears my every gripe on my morning work commute).

Tomorrow starts the thrill. The sense of accomplishment every Saturday when I complete a long run. The morning chats with my good friend while we pound pavement. Iced coffee and bagel stops. Being a cheap date. Feeling confident about my body and my strength. Having a runner’s high every.single.week.

As you can see, I have some mixed emotions about this. After training for a marathon, I can honestly say I’ve never experienced something so painfully challenging and exciting at the same time. So after a couple months off, I’m ready to get started again. Because as crazy as my weekends become during training, I have yet to find a better feeling than crossing that finish line.

Rounding the corner to finish 13.1 miles






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